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Keramikprodukte Atelier Flora

Handmade ceramics with a unique character

You will find sustainable products here for a loving and aesthetic home, as well as high-quality gift ideas for family and friends.

Becher Kaffeetasse aus Keramik in beige und creme

Ceramic products made by hand with love and passion.

I shape, burn and glaze my ceramic products with great passion. My sustainable products bring a piece of nature and tradition into your home.

Olivenzweig Grafik
Ceramic products

Clay sculpted with hand and love

I use clay, a natural raw material, to make my ceramic products. I use this to shape dishes such as cups, drinking cups, salad bowls, cereal bowls, garlic graters, decorations and much more.

Keramikprodukte aus Ton handgemacht
Popular products
Keramiktasse aus Ton handgeformt

Pottery workshop at Atelier Flora in Hungary

I like to share my passion for pottery with you, which is why Atelier Flora also offers pottery workshops in addition to the products in the online shop.

Töpfer Workshop im Atelier Flora

Atelier Flora – this is me: Heike!

My creative side has been with me since my earliest memories, but my passion for pottery only came into my life a few years ago. However, unlike many other things I've tried, when I started working with clay I knew straight away: This is it! Since then, I can no longer imagine my everyday life without pottery. For this reason, I founded Atelier Flora and opened my own small pottery studio. Pottery allows me to relax, be creative and let my thoughts flow. I just love it. And I'm sure it will captivate you too. When do we meet?


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Marzipan Mohn Kugel Praline Rezept

16. May 2024

Rezept für Marzipan Mohn Pralinen zum selber machen. Die leckeren Kugeln sind ein hübsches Geschenk für Feinschmecker.

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Keramikgeschirr Kaffeetassen und Butterdose in beige und creme
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